95+% of test automation efforts are on test maintenance & regression testing

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This Week’s Most Viewed Article (2021–04–17)

  1. Why Cypress sucks for real test automation? (Part 1)
  2. Why Gherkin (Cucumber, SpecFlow,…) Always Failed with UI Test Automation?
  3. Working Automated Test ≠ Good Reliable Test
  4. Maintainable Automated Test Design


JavaScript is OK for developing apps, but not for functional test automation, where its audience beyond programmers. Ruby is a far better choice.

Chose the wrong Gherkin BDD frameworks. Should have used simple RSpec or xUnit (spec style)

What is a test syntax framework?

The management chose the wrong framework. They should select Selenium WebDriver for web apps, and Appium for Mobile and Desktop apps

The reality of IT team morale is often far from IT executives’ slogans. The most effective way to reduce the gap: Continuous Testing.

Move test steps into the sections that execute before/after test cases

> cd my-working-dir
> git clone https://github.com/testwisely/agiletravel-ui-tests

Quality enhances Efficiency and saves Cost

Java/C# Programming ⇒ Test Automation + Continuous Testing; Now I do coding, testing, and CT daily for my own apps and coach test automation and CT for clients.

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  • (2005–2006) JWebUnit (HTMLUnit) using Intellij IDEA
  • (2006–2011) Watir with RSpec
  • (2011–2012) RWebSpec on top of Watir and Selenium WebDriver
  • (2011–2013) Load Testing with LoadWise

Zhimin Zhan

Award-winning software developer, test automation & CT coach, author, and speaker. Help teams succeed with Agile/DevOps by implementing real Continuous Testing.

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