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Continuous Testing (enables software teams to release to production daily, not fake CI/CD talks. Check out “Continuous Integration at Facebook” and AgileWay Continuous Testing Grading) is the centre of the software development process. It benefits all stakeholders of a software project.

Many people do not realize that business analysts (BA) can also benefit from CT significantly. Surprised? It is actually very logical: BAs use the application (via UI) a lot (maybe only behind manual testers). …

Automated test scripts require ongoing care and maintenance. Unmaintainble or hard-to-maintain automated test scripts are vain.

Image is taken from this youtube video

The above picture is real, and it was not taken in a third-world country (or last century). This is the ND&W Railway in Ohio, USA! See this video for action, 😅 named itThe Worst Track We’ve Seen!”:

Poorly maintained tracks are very dangerous as they are known to cause derailment!
This railroad has seen over 50 years of neglect!”

I have seen many test automation failures (in fact, most of them), and the №1 cause: “The team failed to maintain the automated test scripts”. Some engineers admitted it while others came up with some excuses.

As a matter…

“Agile” claimed by most software companies claimed is fake. Just ask a simple question: “Show me the automated functional testing report in your CI/CT server?”

Over the last decade, many software projects have claimed to do Agile/DevOps, with some degrees of UI Test Automation and Continuous Testing. The reality is, most were faking it. Michael Feathers, a renowned author and agile expert, wrote an insightful post (2009), in which he said: “everyone does” (faking UI test automation). I agree! The situation, from my observation, improved little, “nearly everyone fakes it”.

Some might wonder, how could that be? …

Show step by step on how to use Selenium WebDriver Advanced User Interactions API to draw and manoeuvre objects on a Canvas in a web page

We can use Selenium WebDriver’s Advanced User Interactions API to drive mouse events to ‘draw’ on a canvas in a web page. In this article, I will show how to draw markers on a body chart (background image) in the WhenWise app, with the following operations:

Here it is.

Implemented the core CRM Field Service within 3 days, part-time

For most software companies, automated End-to-End Testing and Continuous Testing (CT) are just slogans. For me, it means

In the article, I will show how CT (executing automated E2E regression testing) assists me to implement the Field Service (a core CRM feature) in WhenWise, in less than 3 days.

According to the official MS doc, “The Dynamics 365 Field Service business application helps organizations deliver onsite service to customer locations.” Let me illustrate this with an example.

The company WisePool does swimming…

A Practical and Fun Way to Create a Successful Test Automation and Continuous Testing Formula in Your Company

Image credit:

Most software companies (or IT divisions) have no clue how to do automated functional testing or execute these tests in CI/CD. Not a believer? Check the end-to-end test reports in your CI server. Without executing automated end-to-end tests, there will be no ‘Delivery’ (of CD), right?

I am talking about the really useful automated testing that provides the teams useful and real feedback which will ultimately enable the software to “Ship early, ship often”. For those companies who have claimed that they are doing automated functional testing, what they have in common is that there are dozens of different non-working…

Simple techniques to make automated tests readable for the whole team

Working automated test scripts is only the first test step to successful test automation. As automated tests are executed often and the application changes frequently, it is important that test scripts need to be

Easy to maintain
Easy to read

Programmers (with rare exceptions) usually write poor automated test scripts. The main reason is that they forgot that, different from unit/integration tests, the audience of functional tests is the whole team, including business analysts, manual testers and customers.

In this article, I will show you some simple and practical tips to enhance the readability of automated…

Today (2020–08–21), I read an article on Medium: Flaky Tests: Retrying Failed Tests with Cypress. According to the author: ‘ this was one of the top “must-have” features I’ve been waiting for’. A must-have feature, I totally agree. However, why is it only available now in v5? Did the article's author suggest that Cypress testers had been more or less faking test automation all these years?!

Despite what they claimed, not one Cypress tester I have met could answer it when I asked for a history of test executions of 3 months. The teams performed functional testing most manually, resulting…

Simple techniques to make maintaining automated test steps easier.

Working automated test scripts is only the first test step to successful test automation. As automated tests are executed often and the application changes frequently, it is important that test scripts need to be:

Easy to maintain
Easy to read

The №1 technical reason that most test automation attempts failed is that the team fail to maintain the automated test scripts. That’s why most software companies have tried test automation but failed to keep 20 automated tests ( Level 1 of AgileWay Continuous Testing Grading) running reliably and regularly.

In the article, I will show you…

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Award-winning software developer, test automation & CT coach, author, and speaker. Help teams succeed with Agile/DevOps by implementing real Continuous Testing.

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