A few Selenium CDP examples in Ruby language

A metaphor provides a full picture that explains why most software projects failed test automation.

Quick solution guide to Selenium WebDriver 4.

  • Support for CDP (Selenium DevTools)
  • Re-implemented Selenium Grid

The drawbacks of DDT outweigh its benefits for most testing needs.

Explain Design Pattern in easy-to-understand example

Strategy and practical advice on successful automated regression testing to enable daily production releases.

Table of Contents· Strategy: Run all E2E Tests daily· Discipline: Fixing broken builds is the highest priority · How to Start?· 100%…

Regression testing needs to be automated and run in a Continuous Testing server multiple times a day.

  • Regression Testing
  • Web App Testing

Simple and yet powerful scripting is the way to succeed test automation.

  • Besides Ruby, what’s your view of test scripts in other languages, such as Java or C#?

Wise software teams spend time on activities that really matter: Test Automation and Continuous Testing

Zhimin Zhan

Award-winning software developer, test automation & CT coach, author, and speaker. Help teams succeed with Agile/DevOps by implementing real Continuous Testing.

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