Analyses of the Wired Article: “The Software Revolution Behind LinkedIn’s Gushing Profits”

Wise and ambitious IT executives take test automation and continuous testing seriously. A case study of implementing daily production releases (i.e. real agile) in a large IT organization.

Zhimin Zhan
8 min readJan 18, 2023


The heading from Wired, the bottom part reflects my understanding of the article.

Wired is one of the most respected technology magazines. In the “Silicon Valley” TV show, featuring on the cover of Wired is a big thing. In my previous articles, I refer to this Wired article, “The Software Revolution Behind LinkedIn’s Gushing Profits”, a few times. My readers seem not deeply impressed by the article as it to me nine years ago. I will share my thoughts here.

Table of Contents:
1. Daily Production Releases
2. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Involved
3. This change ( called ‘Software Revolution’ by Wired) is good financially.
4. Test Automation (regression testing)
5. Pass Automated Regression Testing => Deployment
6. The company might need to invest the effort to build some tools.
7. CIOs, you won’t be able to hire a real senior Test Automation Engineer via normal channels. They are too rare!
8. Firmly support the change, big change.



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