CIO’s Agile/DevOps: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Stop being fooled by fake Agile coaches or fake scrum masters.

Zhimin Zhan
9 min readJul 13, 2022


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This article is included in the “Be aware of Fake Test Automation/DevOps Engineers” series.

CIOs like Agile/DevOps which has become a standard desired practice in the software industry.

However, most CIOs don’t know what real Agile/DevOps is. Therefore, they often get fooled by fake Agile Coaches, fake Scrum Masters, and fake DevOps Engineers, which made them look like the king in the famous fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. It is a really painfully obvious lie that even a child could tell.

Based on my observation during the past 16 years’ of work in test automation and continuous testing, Nearly all the so-called “Agile/DevOps” software projects were on the edge of failure due to the contribution of those “fake experts” before my rescues (some of my rescues were not successful, due to human factors, which I will explain later).

Table of Contents:
· Assess the target: Do you release to production every sprint?
· What Automated End-to-End Regression Testing is Essential?
· The Solution is Simple

Assess the target: Do you release to production every sprint?

The purpose of good software development is to release high-quality software early and frequently, to production. The methodologies and hyped practices are irrelevant to the customers who only care about quality and budget, not how it was created. I am sure all will agree. Now CIOs (or CTOs), try to answer this question: “How often do your teams release to production? (quality releases of course)

While you are thinking, I will give you Facebook’s answer.

“Facebook is released twice a day, and keeping up this pace is at the heart of our culture. With this release pace, automated testing with Selenium is crucial to making sure everything works before being released.” — DAMIEN SERENI, Engineering Director at Facebook, at Selenium 2013 conference.



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