Correct two Common Misconceptions: End-to-End Test Automation is “Simple and Easy” or “Complex and Impossible”

There has always been a “Simple and Correct” solution, but few want to take it.

Zhimin Zhan
10 min readMar 7


This article is one of the “IT Terminology Clarified” series.

Yesterday, I saw this post, by Pascal BORNET, the author of Intelligent Automation, in my LinkedIn feed.

An image posted by Pascal BORNET, the author of Intelligent Automation; The original comic picture from GoComics:

The heading of this post is, “Are you looking for the sign ‘Simple and Right’?”.

Here I will share my thoughts.

Table of Contents:
· Is End-to-End Test Automation Simple or Complex?
Many Made Obvious and Wrong Decisions
My “Simple and Right” Solution
Simple ≠ Easy

The Fact: Most Test Automation Attempts Failed

“Based on my 17 years of experience in this field, I concur with the primary concept depicted in the image, which is that the majority of test automation endeavours tend to fail.” — Zhimin Zhan

Is End-to-End Test Automation Simple or Complex?

The answer depends on whom you ask. For the past 30 years, test automation vendors, such as HP, have marketed the concept of “Record/playback” and “Object Identification Utility”. Despite the fact that these approaches have been demonstrated to be ineffective, some vendors persist in using these methods.

In a typical software team, numerous software engineers and managers may consider “test automation” to be a straightforward task, despite the fact that no one has ever seen a successful implementation of test automation (i.e., the team solely relies on manual testing). As evidence of this, many job advertisements require applicants to have experience in “Creating a test



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