“Daily Production Releases” Clarified

“Daily Production Releases” is mandatory for real Agile/DevOps.

Zhimin Zhan
9 min readNov 9, 2022


This article is one of the “IT Terminology Clarified” series.

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Below is one reader’s comment on my article “Release Early, Release Often” Clarified”:

That is fairly common feedback. This article will answer this question and clarify “Daily Production Releases”.

Table of Contents:
1. “Daily Production Releases” can mean multiple times a day.
2. “Daily Production Releases” is a capability and the team’s confidence in regression testing, not a schedule
3. “Daily Production Releases” means production deployment on the same day when a change is made.
∘ 4. Automated End-to-end (via GUI) regression testing is the enabler of “Daily Production Releases”
∘ 5. How “Daily Production Releases” is possible?
∘ 6. “Daily Production Releases” means a complete change to the software development process.
∘ 7. Most CIOs, Managers, Tech leads, and Software Engineers chickened out in front of “Daily production releases”

1. “Daily Production Releases” can mean multiple times a day.

The “Daily” in “Daily Production Releases” does not mean exactly one release per day. For example, Facebook “releases twice a day”, for simplicity, people call it “daily releases”, rather “4-hour or 12-hour releases”. So, the ‘daily’ is not a literal date (once every 24 hours).

“Facebook is released twice a day, and keeping up this pace is at the heart of our culture. With this release pace, automated testing with Selenium is crucial to making sure everything works before being released.” — DAMIEN SERENI, Engineering Director at Facebook, at Selenium 2013 conference.

Some people stretch the concept a bit, calling “one release every 2 days” daily-production releases. Personally, I think it is fine too. If there is no code change at all, why bother with another purposeless redeployment?!

The empathize of the “Daily” means a much shorter (~ 1 day) production release cycle (compared to the common 6 months), which will totally change SDLC.



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