Fake End-to-End Test Automation Clarified

After knowing what is not real, motivated professionals can learn and achieve the real.

Zhimin Zhan
13 min readMay 10, 2022


This article is included in the “IT Terminology Clarified” and “Be aware of Fake Test Automation/DevOps Engineers” series.

This article’s focus is automated end-to-end testing via UI, i.e, testing the entire system as a user would.

Pyramid Image Credit: “Continuous Integration at Facebook” presentation

For simplicity, I will use Web Test Automation, the most popular type, as the example in this article.

Table of Contents:
· Most Automated Testers are Incompetent or Fake
· What is it like for a software project with real test automation implemented?
· Software Testing Attributes
Software Testing is about Feedback
Software Testing is about being Objective
Software Testing is about being correct, always correct
· Reality
· Real test automation is possible but needs the right attitude first
· Even if you’re lacking skill, you can still do limited Real test automation, and then grow

Most Automated Testers are Incompetent or Fake



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