How to Succeed in E2E Test Automation within a Team Already on a Wrong Path?

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Zhimin Zhan
12 min readFeb 29, 2024


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This is an article requested by readers who are frustrated with their teams’ current wrong test automation framework, language or tools but fear to challenge.

In TIST 2010 and 2011 testing conferences. One attendant caught my attention. He sat in the same position in the front row for all my four speaking sessions. Then I asked him, “What do you think (my topics)?”.

He answered, “I really liked it and believe it is the right way to do E2E test automation.

I continued with another question, “Will you try to apply those practices at your work?”

He shook his head with a shy smile, “I don’t have the confidence”.

I kept thinking over this conversation on the flight back. True, an existing test automation approach (Most were wrong. Otherwise, it would have worked because E2E testing for web apps has been unchanged for nearly two decades) means endorsed by the senior management or architect; how dare an individual test engineer challenge that?

Long-time readers know I have worked as a test automation engineer on various projects for a number of…



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