Zhimin’s Articles, categorized

This is the “Table of Contents” page of my articles, which are categorized by topics. I hope this will help you find your interested topics quicker. This page will be updated when new articles come out.

  • Web Test Automation
    - Techniques, Opinions, Showcases, Benchmark, Advice, Self-reflections

50+ are featured in software testing newsletters.

Web Test Automation

1. Test Automation Techniques

2. Opinions

3. Benchmark

4. Show Cases (Web Test Automation)

5. Advice

6. Self-Reflections

Continuous Testing (CI/CD) & DevOps

7. CT Techniques

8. Opinions

9. CT Show Cases

10. Self-Reflections

Desktop Test Automation

Agile Testing

Award-winning software developer, test automation & CT coach, author, and speaker. Help teams succeed with Agile/DevOps by implementing real Continuous Testing.

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