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  1. Why Cypress sucks for real test automation? (Part 1)
  2. Why Gherkin (Cucumber, SpecFlow,…) Always Failed with UI Test Automation?
  3. Why JavaScript Is Not a Suitable Language for Real Web Test Automation?
  4. Which Selenium WebDriver language binding is best?
  5. Maintainable Automated Test Design


Creator of TestWise (the next-generation functional testing tool) and BuildWise, an international award-winning Continuous Testing (CT) server. Pioneer of Functional Test Refactoring and CT techniques such as Auto-Retry and Dynamic Ordering.

Zhimin developed a number of highly-acclaimed apps, with his test automation and continuous testing knowledge and the help of TestWise & BuildWise, such as ClinicWise, SiteWise CMS, and WhenWise, all in his spare time. Yes, Test Automation and CT can and will greatly increase a software teams’ productivity.