Resolve ChromeDriver Issues in Web Test Automation

Where to look when automated tests suddenly don’t work on Chrome, but are fine on Firefox.

Zhimin Zhan
7 min readJun 26, 2022


A repost of my daughter’s article with permission. I added the summary.

All software has bugs, even from tech giants. I encountered one Google ChromeDriver issue with Chrome v103 last night.

My father documented one issue with chromedriver v75 before: Lessons learned from test failures due to a new ChromeDriver bug.

Table of Contents:
· A Simple Test Failed on Chrome
· The Same Test Passed on Firefox
· Make Sure ChromeDriver Matches
· Check the ChromeDriver change log
· Revert back to the prior version of Chrome
· The Lesson Learned (by Zhimin)

A Simple Test Failed on Chrome

I was practising test automation against a site and got one test failure quickly (for a simple login test).

Test failed against Chrome

The error message in output:

Failure/Error: driver.get(site_url)
unknown error: cannot determine loading status
from unknown error: unexpected command response

Because this test script (raw Selenium WebDriver) is so simple and I have run this kind of script many times, my first thought was related to the browser.

The Chrome version:

Chrome self-updated recently to v103.

The Same Test Passed on Firefox

I quickly reran the test against Firefox, selecting the Firefox icon on TestWise’s toolbar.

The test passed on Firefox.

It passed! This confirmed my assumption: Chrome browser related, as there was no script change.



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