Too Many Failed JavaScript Test Automation Frameworks!

It is a sign of being wrong!

Zhimin Zhan
8 min readMar 24, 2023


In recent years, I have witnessed a number of test automation attempts using the following automation framework in JavaScript:

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All those test automation attempts shared a common fate: Failure, assessed against the objective Definition of End-to-End Test Automation Success. As a comparison, I have achieved 100% success with raw Selenium + RSpec since 2011 for client projects and my own.

When I screened Résumés, any mentions of the above JS framework would score a negative point. It is much better to hire a complete layman (check out my workshop articles).

A run of WhenWise End-to-End Regression suite, consisting of 571 raw Selenium + RSpec tests, in BuildWise CT server.

I expressed my view on using JavaScript in test automation: Why is JavaScript not a Suitable Language for Real Web Test Automation? In this article, I will provide additional thoughts from a fresh perspective.

Programmers tend to be fixated/biased on a preferred language. I am more objective than most, as My Selenium Recipes Book series covers all five Selenium’s official binding languages. I do know JavaScript, quite well.

Educative likes the Selenium Recipes in Node.js book, and they converted it into an online interactive course.

Some readers might think, “you seem to have used JS, too?!”. Yes, I did create a number of JS tests (for various reasons) and didn’t like it. Creating a few automated tests does not mean mastering test automation, not at all. Real test automation engineers who can maintain all…



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