Web Test Automation Workbook #35: Verify Available Time Slots

Extract the texts from multiple same-styled button texts.

Zhimin Zhan
4 min readNov 12, 2022


This article is one of the “Web Test Automation Workbook” series (the complete training course will be on my Substack Newsletter), a set of bite-sized exercises (typically 15–20 mins). A practical and satisfying way to learn web test automation with Selenium WebDriver.

Learning Objectives

  • Extract the texts from multiple same-styled button texts.
  • Review
    - find_elements
    - List
    - assertion of a List

Test Case #35

Test data:

Test Design

  1. Navigate to the business booking page, which we have done many times in previous exercises.
  2. Click tomorrow’s date
  3. Extract the available time slots, e.g. 9:00, 10:00, …, etc, and do an assertion.
    (we stop here for this article, see the next one)
  4. Drag the start time slider to narrow the start time range, no matter which direction.
  5. Asser the available time slots again, shall be less

Essentially, apart from the test steps from the previous exercise, there is really just one assertion step to be done here. Let’s review the assertion in software testing.

Tip: In test automation, only start to work on automated test scripts after you have a good understanding of the goal and the steps, which are quite easy, common sense really. But often, beginners bring their half-understanding and eagerness to accomplish the task, making things…



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