Why Cypress Sucks for Real Test Automation? (Part 2: Limitations)

Many limitations of Cypress makes it not suitable for serious test automation

1. Technical limitations of Cypress

A real test automation engineer will never say this: “Sorry, the test framework/tool unable to automate testing your web application”

2. Cypress is actually slower

3. Cypress tests are hard to maintain

4. Cypress can only use Node.JS, which is not suitable for test automation

% mocha spec/01_login_spec.jsError: Cannot find module 'selenium-webdriver'

5. Cypress wrongly added “retry-ability”, which shall be a CT feature

6. Complex and Inconsistent Syntax

it('does something differently on retry', { retries: 3 }, () => {     
// cy.state('runnable') returns the current test object
// we can grab the current attempt and
// the total allowed attempts from its properties
const attempt = cy.state('runnable')._currentRetry
const retries = cy.state('runnable')._retries
// use the "attempt" and "retries" values somehow

7. Not Future-Proof

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