Why I don’t use Jira and Confluence at all for my software development?

Jira and Confluence have no value to me.

Zhimin Zhan
8 min readNov 23, 2022


It seems that Jira and Confluence are used everywhere within the software industry. As an owner of several commercial software products, I don’t use Jira or Confluence, have never had the need and do not see any benefits from them.

On 2022–11–10, DHH posted an insightful comment on LinkedIn based on the public financial figures (“losing boatloads of money”):

“These companies (Asana, Monday, Smartsheet, and ClickUp) can’t even make their own businesses work, yet they’re trying to sell you software to run yours.” — DHH

Some of the above software, such as ClickUp, marketed themselves as a “Jira Replacement”. By the way, Atlassian’s share was doing very poorly last year as well.

As an Australian, I naturally have a feeling of closeness to Atlassian, an Australian-originated company, and I have witnessed its growth. My first contact with Atlassian engineers was at CITCON 2009. Atlassian, as the sponsor, gave some marketing talks, of course. It was a really good marketing strategy to go directly to programmers. Later, I received an invitation to join Atlassian, but I declined because I never liked the idea of digital versions of user stories.

Table of Contents:
· Manage user stories in Jira is Wrong!
· Jira ≠ Agile
· Without Jira, how can I do …?
· Solid evidence of “Jira and its alike is non-essential for Agile Software Development”
· Why Jira this kind of digital management tool is spreading so fast as a virus?
· What about Confluence then?

Manage user stories in Jira is Wrong!

Jira was much better (and cheaper) than the infamous Rational United Process (RUP) as a digital project management tool. Jira’s rapid growth in replacing over-complicated RUP comes as no surprise to me, However, after mastering test automation and continuous testing, I realised that this kind of digital project management tool is of no use and can even make things worse.

As you know, the essence of Jira is managing user stories. Let’s see what Kent Beck, Father of Agile, wrote in his classic book.



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