Respond to a Disagreement Article, “Fact check: Is Cypress Really Dying?”

A real fact-check. Beware of cunning tricks in technical writing.

Zhimin Zhan
13 min readDec 2, 2023


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In preparing the article “A Follow-up for My Article, ‘ is Dying’ After 3 Months”, I found one article that criticized my original article, “ is Dying”, by an author with 10K+ followers on Medium.

Despite many wrongness in the above article, which I will prove in a moment, I have to say some positives about it:

  • Writing an article instead of posting short comments to a disagreement.
  • No personal attacks despite a harsh tone (which is fine)
  • List some objective benchmarks (but in the wrong way), which I will use to prove he is very wrong (as this idiom)

This is my first article that directly responds to a disagreement. Because I write articles for my daughter and have been enjoying the real benefits (such as daily production releases) of my Test Automation and Continuous Testing approach, others' opinions do really not matter unless the ones show a convincing execution history of a large suite (200+ E2E UI tests) that runs on a daily basis.

Why do I write this debate article, then? I found it is a good educational source of cunning tricks in technical writing, such as “taking out of context”, “deliberately omission”, “twisting the facts”, “fake facts”, “accusing others of their own behaviour”, “misleading”, … etc.

I am a hands-on tester; let’s test the statements in that article.

Table of Contents:
Fact Check the author
1. Disagree on “the Trend of Playwright is taking over Cypress”
2. Wrong about “Microsoft’s marketing on its testing tools/services”
3. Wrong on “Google Trends”
4. Wrong about “Download Trend”
5. Quoted Wrong Numbers on revenue and staff numbers.
6. Wrong Defend funding position
7. Light-play the ‘’s downsizing’ in misleading ways
8. Wrong



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