There is no “100% coverage” in Automated E2E Software Testing

It is simply not possible and neither necessary.

Zhimin Zhan
5 min readMar 28, 2022


It is well accepted that 100% test coverage (functional, not unit testing) from manual testing is not possible. However, some had unrealistic expectations of 100% coverage in E2E Test Automation. This is very wrong, this article will explain why.

“It is neither possible or necessary to achieve 100% coverage in software testing” — Zhimin Zhan

Table of Contents:
· 100% Test Coverage is simply Not Possible
· Test Execution Time?

100% Test Coverage is simply Not Possible

First of all, people saying 100% test coverage don’t understand test automation or software testing.

At a conference talk, I said, “I can easily come up with hundreds of automated test scenarios for a credit card payment user story, just on the single payment page”. Below is a partial list:

  • Can pay the full amount with Visa Credit Card
  • Incomplete credit card info (mandatory check), e.g. no CSC, CC number, Expiry Date, …
  • Credit card info not matching, e.g. wrong CSC, card number does not match type
  • Invalid expiry date, e.g. already expired, or too far in the future
  • Amount too small (threshold) or too large for credit card payment limit (set by the app, or/and by the credit card type)
  • There is not enough money left in the credit card
  • Enter negative amount
  • Partial payments (can be a lot of cases here)
  • Special characters in the cardholder name (e.g. Japanese or Arabic)
  • and different combinations of the above.

These are valid test scenarios. Some might argue a few of them are extreme. About 20 years ago, I did encounter one subtle failed scenario for a payment gateway: when the total length of the merchant name + credit card info exceeded a certain limit, the payment processing threw an error. I found out this strange error by luck by reading the payment…



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