Why I Switched my day work from Programming to Automated Testing? Part 1: More Challenging

Real professionals enjoy challenging work. I am not belittling programming here, I still code (my own apps) daily. Just automated testing is far more challenging.

Zhimin Zhan
6 min readMar 13, 2022


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My interest in programming started in high school. I received the 2nd prize in the state’s youth-programming competition. After getting my degrees in computer science, I worked in some high-profile companies for a few years and became a contractor, as a senior Java programmer. Since 2010, my full-time job title has been Test Automation and Continuous Testing coach. I develop maintainable automated test scripts instead of writing code for others. Why?

I am still programming my own apps, and consider myself a good programmer, received the 2nd prize in an international programming award in 2018.

Table of Contents
· Test Automation is far more challenging than coding
· Coding for many Enterprise Apps is Boring
· How did I make the change?

Test Automation is far more challenging than coding

Test Automation and Continuous Testing is far more challenging than coding for typical web/mobile apps.

Many people would disagree. It is easy to prove my point, try to answer the question:

Have you ever worked on a project that pushes updates to production daily, after passing automated regression testing?

Most software projects can ‘meet’ the deadline. However, few IT professionals have seen successful test automation or real Continuous Testing.

In my experience, great developers do not always make great testers, but great testers (who also have strong design skills) can…



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