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Zhimin Zhan
1 min readApr 9, 2021


Most Viewed Article Right Now: Why do Test Managers/Architects Avoid Selenium WebDriver, the Best Web Test Automation Framework?

Most Viewed New Article Last Month: “Cucumber is Dying”, What did we learn?

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  2. Why Gherkin (Cucumber, SpecFlow,…) Always Failed with UI Test Automation?
  3. Which Selenium WebDriver language binding is best?
  4. One Simple Test Automation Scenario Interview Question that Most Candidates Failed
  5. Optimize Selenium WebDriver Automated Test Scripts: Speed
  6. Why JavaScript Is Not a Suitable Language for Real Web Test Automation?


Test Automation and Continuous Testing Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer, International Award-Winning Programmer, and Product Owner.

Creator of TestWise (the next-generation functional testing tool) and BuildWise, an international award-winning Continuous Testing (CT) server. Pioneer of Functional Test Refactoring and CT techniques such as Auto-Retry and Dynamic Ordering.

Zhimin authored 13 books on test automation and two on programming, also is widely regarded as a “top software testing writers on Medium”, with 140+ articles featured in the leading software testing newsletters (probably №1 in the world for two consecutive years since I started blogging in 2021).

Zhimin developed several highly-acclaimed apps, with his test automation and continuous testing knowledge and the help of TestWise & BuildWise, such as ClinicWise, SiteWise CMS, WhenWise, and TestWisely, all in his spare time. Yes, Test Automation and CT can greatly increase a software team’s productivity.



Zhimin Zhan

Test automation & CT coach, author, speaker and award-winning software developer. Help teams succeed with Agile/DevOps by implementing real Continuous Testing.